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    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Got Filk?

    Filk is a genre that I only discovered by accident, while at a RenFaire long ago. I heard a wandering minstrel singing some Beatles song, only it definitely wasn't their lyrics. Someone had re-written the song to be about buxom wenches or something.

    WOW! Now this is music I can really appreciate.
    I love parody. No, really, I love it. There needs to be more humor in music. The SCA is a breeding ground for Filk, most of which can only be heard around a fire. Most of us learn them by memory, (which is easy because they are based on popular songs) but a few inspired musicians have recorded their filks for your listening pleasure.

    **RTM, are you listening? Dude, you really need a website with your CD and lyrics. Like NOW. You funny man.

    Anyway, here's a few links for your filking pleasure. Man, it's even funny to say it.

    If I had a Million Ducats

    Crazy Knights

    Fairytale of Middle Earth

    We are the Knights of NI!

    Living in a Fantasy World (Lord of the Rings Medley)

    My Name is Arwen


    (Vikings Are) Unwanted Dead or Alive

    In Camelot!

    This Book Is Way Too Long (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy)

    You can pretty much take ANY song and give it a medieval/SCA/LOTR makeover.

    I would have included some Star trek ones, but I think that Blogger has limits on the amount of data I'm allowed to post.

    1 comment:

    1. I am quite the filker myself. Science-Fiction folk singing is one of my secret passions. Thanks Trekkies for that. Bastards.


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