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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Using travel photos as research

    Sometimes I pore over the websites with travel photos, just to get an idea of where I'll never be able to afford to go. Well, TrekEarth has metric buttloads of great images that travelers all over the world have uploaded for your viewing pleasure. I've used a few as inspiration for drawings, costumes and maps, and I'm selecting a few for you here that I found funny, useful or both.

    I found this great photo of a young boy being dressed in a suit of plate armor during a festival. Looks like he's having the BEST DAY EVER. Jeez. I bet his parents couldn't wipe that smile off his face for weeks.

    Here's a great single combat shot without all the rattan and duct tape us SCAers are used to. Rap shot!

    Or, if belly dancing is your preference, check out the latest fashions in Egypt.

    How about this fabulous skirt on this Rajasthani Dancer? Yes, please, I'll have one of those. See? The costuming ideas are already flowing...

    How about architecture? Can I live here? PLEASE?? No? How about here? Though the heating bills would probably be tremendous...

    Architectural details can make great designs for garb, woodworking and even tattoos. Here's a nice relief from the Alhambra. And another. Yeah, about those tattoos. Hmmm....

    Looking for a portable blacksmithy? Man, what some people can put together! I'd probably yank too hard on the bellows-pull and blow a bunch of hot coals onto myself. Brave man, there.

    How about some period tent research? A real black goathair Bedouin tent! A Yurt with a mighty fine door! Curious about how those nomads move thier yurts from place to place? These would come in handy at events.

    Those of you who know me may have heard of my strange obsession with Camels. I've selected a few (and there are many) from TrekEarth that made me laugh.

    Who needs a car, when you have a camel cart?

    Tassel overload. My god. Can he even see where he's going?


    Ok, enough for now.

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