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    Monday, January 17, 2005

    First good dent in my fencing mask

    So at fencing practice on Sunday, I took a hit to the face that resulted in a 1/2 inch deep dent in the mesh of my mask. It landed right in front of my left eye, just to the side of the crest that runs down the center of the mesh.

    Now, the denter threw a perfect straight shot just as I was coming in for the kill. That is what is called a trainwreck.

    He was of course apologetic about denting my equipment, but hey, I like battle scars on my armor. That means it was doing its job of protecting ME.

    I can explain the severity of this dent with a few points: (ha ha, get it? points?)


    #1. Perfectly placed shot. I need to parry better.

    #2. The mesh of my mask is starting to get fatigued. I need to buy a new mask. That's OK, the hood was eaten by mice anyway.

    #3. The denter was using a borrowed electric epee. No rubber tip means the force of the blow was not dispersed as well. The denter needs his own SCA legal epee.

    Well, at least the damn blade didn't break.

    I did experience the strange feeling that some of us get when we do this historical fencing thing. If we were fighting a REAL duel with REAL swords, I would right now be eyeless and suffering, or dead. Pretty amazing to think this kind of thing was commonplace in the 16th century.

    I bet I'd look sexy in an eyepatch.

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