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    Friday, January 14, 2005

    An apology to my mailing list

    For those of you who received my anonymous email the other day asking you to check out this blog, I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear on who I am. I realized after sending it out to a huge list of friends, relatives, SCA, Renfair, fencing and RPG contacts that some of you might find this cloak and dagger stuff a bit annoying.

    Of course you've never seen my gmail address before. I copied your addresses over to that account from my hotmail one. I'm a dork. I'm sorry. As I mentioned to one of you who called me out on this..."at least I haven't received any death threats." But the tongue lashings have been severe.

    I'm am simply trying to establish myself with a pseudonym, so that I can proceed with my 'writing' career (or pipe dream) with a fresh start, so that response, criticism, or praise (yeah, right) might be unbiased. Because I know my friends love me, and would tell me this is good even if it sucks donkey butt. So I wanted to show you what I was doing, without telling you who I am.

    I'm pretty much sucking donkey butt right now for the abuse of your email addresses. Keep 'em coming. I deserve it.

    1 comment:

    1. That's okay. We still love you. Just don't let it happen again!



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