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    Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat (Video game challenge!)

    Since I'm on a roll here, and I've got the time, I thought I'd share with you my feelings about my recent purchase of the "Pirates of the Carribean" video game for Xbox. Ahem...

    WHY for the love of God did I spend money on this? Lovely graphics and all, but come ON. You get what, two, maybe three moves during swordfighting? Please. And the cumbersome amount of detail just so you can get your ship up to speed. I sunk it at least five times just trying to figure out how to sail, too.

    No. When I think "pirates" I think hack-n-slash, running around with a cutlass screaming "Arrrr" or finding loads of buried treasure.

    Spend your money on "Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat" instead. It's got all the good Errol Flynn-like fighting moves, and the story itself is fun to follow. OK: cheesy, but fun. And the ship battles are awesome, once you get the hang of camera angles. Plus, with some very interesting codes that you can download here, you can change her outfits. Trust me: you want to know where her jolly roger is tattooed.

    If you want to get into the character a bit more, sail on over to the Talk Like a Pirate Day website and get educated about all those cryptic terms like "avast" and "booty".

    Full sail!

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