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    Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    Lunar Eclipse Oct 27-28

    So, just for giggles, I'll step away from the SCA subject matter here for a few and delve a bit into astrology. I found out a couple of weeks ago that there will be a lunar eclipse on my birthday. I just found out yesterday that I'm being laid off at the end of this year. Coincidence? I think not.

    Eclipses have been seen as evil omens, signs from God, and have apparently signaled the end of corrupt government. Wouldn't THAT be nice?

    So, here goes. My birthday eclipse prayer:

    Dear God (even though I'm not really sure you exist):

    So I've been on your planet for almost 34 years now, and I've never actually written you a letter. I wanted to thank you for the eclipse on my birthday. Glad the celestial bodies are still doing their respective jobs and all.

    Speaking of which, I don't seem to have a secure job anymore, so if there's any good Holy Stuff you could do during the eclipse to get some of those people to call me back that I've sent resumes too, that'd be great. Maybe you could convince them I'm "God's gift to their company"? Just kidding.

    Anyway, I know some of the more primitive people of this planet have, in the past, used eclipses as an excuse to overthrow, tear down or otherwise deconstruct their corrupt government/king/senate. Any chance this is going to happen for us on election day? I'm sure Dubya talks to you ALL the time, but man, is he really upsetting a bunch of people here. And NOT just us non-believers. I'd just like to make sure my vote counts and all. Maybe you could lob a direct hit of lightning at the electoral college so they'll HAVE to count the popular votes? Oh, wait. I'm getting you confused with Zeus. Sorry.

    As for the "evil omens" that darkening the sun can entail, I've found the perfect solution: I need to win huge bank from the lottery. What better way for me to spread evil than to have buckets of money at my disposal? You can pretty much eliminate the need for a secure job if you can come through on this one for me.

    I promise that I will at least pretend to believe in you if you can help me out with any of these birthday wishes. In order of preference, the lottery would be first, then the job, then overthrowing the government. You can see that I've got my priorities in order, yes?

    Thanks for listening. I'll be right here if you want to respond. Oh, and if I DO get a good fat check from the lottery commission, any particular place you'd like me to donate some cash? I'm not current on the whole church thing.

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