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    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    My horoscope read today: You are going to the future, but you can't take everything with you.

    Every day we shed millions of cells, hundreds of hairs (if you are not bald already!) and an army of bacteria through our digestive system. Yet in real life, we cling to things long beyond their usefulness.

    Those who know me in real life AND have had the pleasure/trauma of seeing my home will attest to the fact that I am acquisitive.

    In fact, I have collections of collections. I have some genuinely valuable things that need appraising, and others that should probably just be burnt on a ceremonial pyre. I'm feeling the need to divest large amounts of 'stuff' from my life.

    A bunch of the run-of-the-mill items will be gathered for a yard sale in Longmont CO, on August 7th ( which I will post maps and info about once time draws near), but if there is enough interest I may bring SCA items for sale as well. I have an awful lot of beautiful garb and accesories that I'd like to see go to someone who will love them as much as I did.

    It's the sentimentality that holds things to us. Things can show us a happy time in our past that is easier to recollect when holding or wearing 'that' item. The memories are still there though. I just don't need the things anymore.

    For the more...unique items, I'll probably post photos and memories of them here so that once they are gone I can just read about them. And the rest of the world can read along with my neurosis as well. Just follow the bouncing ball...

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