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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Colorado Island Adventure: The Bridge, through a Lensbaby

    The first time you cross the bridge to The Island, you know you're in a magical place. It's peaceful, yet energizing. Many have said it's like the fountain of youth. There are fun diversions such as the old teepee, the treehouse, the swimming hole, the drum circle, archery, boffing in the meadow (foam swords, people, this is not that kind of resort!) and plenty of other things to do. And then there's the games: battle croquet, treasure hunt, water gun battles and if you bring someting to fence with you might even find yourself in a duel with a Rogue on the bridge by torchlight.

    It's like turning back your clock and becoming twelve again, when you could still make a fort from blankets and couch cushions and be entertained all day long. The best part is I get no cellphone reception at all there.



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