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    Monday, August 03, 2009

    Experience Pennsic vicariously through Twitter

    Missing Pennsic this year? I am, as no money translates into no events. Just a few short years ago, those of us left behind had to make do with stories told to us AFTER everyone returned home.

    Enter social networking. People are texting, surfing the internet and Tweeting right from the battlegrounds, giving all of us stay-at-homes precious news from the biggest SCA event in the world.

    Don't believe me? Search Twitter for Pennsic and you can keep up with all of the photos and tidbits of fun. And see who simply cannot put down their modern gadgets! There USED to be a cure for too much modern living, and that was the SCA. But now that everyone has a Blackberry, or an iPhone, it's easy to get your anachronisms mixed up.

    I hope someone livestreams some battle footage from a helmet cam soon. If there were only a way for me to experience the HUGE merchants row...or the amazing chocolate milk...or the parties in the swamps. On second thought, the swamp parties should not get 'tweeted'. Those are usually the photos that blackmail is made of. And you know, once it's on the internet, it never goes away!

    And you know me. I'll be looking for them to link to later. Best wear a disguise if you'll be up to no good at Pennsic - you never know when someone will catch you on a cell phone camera!

    I know, it's not really like being there in person. Sigh... But it's better than waiting for three weeks to hear tales of glory and debauchery!

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