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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Dark Tower Reborn!

    Anyone who grew up in the early 80's might remember that sinister electronic board game called "Dark Tower." If you don't remember the game, maybe Orson Wells can jog your memory.

    This was one of the first games that contains what I call *The Insidious Theme Song. It was the subtle looping music behind all the other beeps and bips that would still be running in your head hours after you'd quit the game. I played this at a friends house any time he would invite me over for it. It was a fun way to kill an afternoon, but it was frustrating getting the plague all the time. I think he rigged it to do that to me though. He was a smart kid with one of the first personal computers I ever saw. Incidentally, this was the same kid who got me into D&D. I hold him personally responsible for my medievalist outcome.

    Finding an actual working complete copy of the game is nigh on impossible now. If you do manage to find one for sale, you'll shell out over $300 for it. In these low economic times who can afford that?

    So how can YOU experience the awesomeness of Dark Tower? Once again, the internet saves the day with the online flash Dark Tower! It's only 1 player, instead of multi, and while not 'quite' as cool as the real thing, it does have all the sound effects and theme song. Now you can lay siege to the Dark Tower whenever you want! Good luck, adventurer! Try not to get the plague.

    *Yes, there is an acronym for that phrase. Think about it...

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