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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Caidan victims of the Montecito Tea Fire need your help this holiday season!

    If you have even a few coins left over at the end of your paycheck, this would be a worthy cause...

    Thursday November 13th, 2008 two members of the Shire of Isles in the Kingdom of Caid were seriously injured. Lord Caius Laevus/Wilhelm Caius and his wife Carla were severely burned escaping the Tea Fire in Montecito, CA.

    They were airlifted to the burn ward at UC Irvine Medical Center with extensive second degree burns. Lance is a long-time heavy fighter and the leader of the Isles war unit, the Hand of the Hunt, and Carla fights rapier.

    The good news is that they are expected to make a full recovery. The bad news is that they may be in the hospital for up to two months, and have probably lost all of their possessions. They were renting a property in the area closest to the fire, and the house was completely destroyed.

    Visit the Lance and Carla Burn Fund to learn more and donate!

    This verse was posted at the MySpace SCA Group:

    Lance and Carla

    Their hermitage was more than quiet
    The wondrous devices of convenience and communication silent
    Only the soughing of the trees serenaded the hours.
    Suddenly, blossoms heralded the approach of a dragon
    And the wind became the mighty steed it rode
    Bearing down up their home with horrible hunger
    Devouring all in its path.
    Lance grabbed his love, his life
    Carla ran with him hand in hand
    When the beast roared over them
    and kissed them with fire
    Though the agony of flesh and muscle
    was hotter than the dragon’s kiss
    Lance did not give up
    He knew the only way to safety
    for his Carla lay a field away.
    Hand in hand they did not give in
    and from some well deep inside
    Lance found the strength and the will
    To manage the path down the hill.
    Into the hands of help he rode
    Though all those things they loved
    and cherished are now ashes
    The one they loved most still dashes
    Hand in hand, sword and shield,
    Their love and life to the dragon would not yield.

    ~ash maire

    UPDATE 12/16/08 from

    Movie Night Raises Funds to Help Couple Burned in Tea Fire
    "The event on behalf of Lance and Carla Hoffman, who remain hospitalized, brings in more than $8,000."

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