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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Pennsic 37 Photo links

    Ah, Pennsic! The mecca of the SCA experience. Nay, I did not attend, being that the cost to fill my chariot sends me into a berserker rage. Pennsic will ever be wishful thinking until I win the lottery or something.

    A few of my fellow Outlanders came back from War with glorious stories, and many good gentles from all over the Known World attended the event with cameras at the ready! Huzzah to all of you shutterbugs for the rest of us who were left home pining away while you danced, battled and shopped at the largest, craziest SCA event ever.

    Without further adieu, here are links to what image galleries I've found - all in all, a great way to kill large amounts of time wishing you were there. *I'll update this post as I find more...

    Flickr seems to be a great place to start looking, so...

    First up is the Pennsic XXXVII set by LiamStLiam. A profusion of candids and battlefield action shots occur within this 750 image gallery. Chances are good you'll see familiar faces in this one!

    Master Philip's 2008 Pennsic set contains 75 images, one of which is an enormous panorama of the Serengeti!

    Michail's Pennsic 37 Photos contain 185 images, which include some courtly awards, some battle shots and some nice candids.

    Get your Japanese on with Clan Yama Kaminari in erink's Pennsic 37 gallery - this is the first I've found to incorporate the new video feature that Flickr rolled out if you are scrolling through his photos and a you hear the sounds of battle do not be alarmed!

    There's a Flickr user named pennsic37 who has uploaded some rather interesting photos: What starts out as portraits of tribal dancers quickly slips into incriminating partial nudity shots and flying spaghetti monsters. Be warned, some of these are probably not safe for work. Oh, Pennsic debauchery, how I miss thee...

    *Want your Pennsic 37 gallery listed here? Just send me a link (email to anachronista at and I'll check it out!

    **UPDATE 10/05/08

    Alaxandr MacLochloinn has created a huge set of Pennsic XXXVII galleries (mostly fighting) that can be found here. The landing page is very pretty (it looks like a medieval book!) and many, many links will send you off into Pennsic-land for hours, so settle in for a spell and don't surf this at work...

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