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    Sunday, June 01, 2008

    Towards more earthy pursuits

    Where have I been these long weeks? Not writing much, that's for sure. The DIY bug bit me hard after our *homebrew project.

    This project is much larger than brewing, though. Aleksy and I have moved dirt, tilled soil, built frames, and gotten very dirty in the process of transforming our previously weedy, junky backyard into a series of raised beds for vegetable gardening. I've also changed from having a black thumb to something near miraculous: these plants are all thriving.

    The transformation is not unlike the one this house went through when we moved in a year ago. Here is proof that I'm not just wasting time on World of Warcraft:

    (*If you were wondering about the Imperial Stout, it seems to have gotten contaminated with something early on that spoiled the whole thing. Sadness. I think we'll go back to the first kit anyway, that Nut Brown Ale was good!)

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