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    Friday, March 14, 2008

    43 bottles of ale in the cupboard....

    Our first batch of Organic Nut Brown Ale has been bottled! I couldn't wait and snuck a taste...even without carbonation, it was the yumminess!

    Next up? Stout, baby!!

    Want to learn to homebrew too? Check out Seven Bridges virtual homebrew page - they make it soooo easy.


    1. OMG, you are brewing. That is awesome. Nothing gets me more excited than homebrew. Are you looking for a stout recipe? I've got a killer one on my blog:

      It is all-grain, though. I'm not sure that you guys are all-grain brewing.

      I am definitely interested in your brewing posts.

    2. Proof God hath a sense of humour (however ill-favored): at present, I'm unable to indulge in my passion for stouts and ales of good quality, having run afoul of the Sheriff's men some time back. Until my obligation to them is finished, I'm restricted to espresso, which isn't altogether a bad thing; but my palate still waters when I remember my (former? Ha!) love of fine Belgian ales. (Hark! Is that St. Bernardus calling my name? Avast, you bastard!!)

    3. I'm so jealous! Oh how I wish I had room to brew in my tiny NYC apartment...


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