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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Get your Outlands history in bardic poetry style!

    It has been mentioned yet AGAIN that I should write a book. I replied 'that is why I blog, I'm too lazy to write a book.' Committing short thoughts to digital media is probably a thousand times easier than trying to hold down a plot anyway...

    Then I thought about the time and words I've invested in this site, and yes, I could have written a book instead. Or maybe two, if they were short. Why not?

    I thought about what to write. Now, a publisher isn't going to touch *NSTIW stories, or a detailed account of my life, however interesting it seems to be. Just not sellable. Good thing finding a source for printing or publishing isn't the nightmare it used to be, back in the dark ages before the internet arrived.

    Now, there are 'online on demand' printing services like, where anyone can self-publish their own works. I have created a profile and then, I immediately turned to searching their catalog for relevant keywords, so that I would know the quality or existence of other works such as I would write.

    Considering it would be poems, songs or anecdotal humor about the SCA, I didn't figure there would be much competition.

    Lo and behold a mighty Bard has beat me to it:

    Guernen Sang It: King Arthur’s Raid on Hell and other poems: A First Collection of Poems for the Current Middle Ages


    Guernen Sang Again: Pryderi’s Pigs and other poems: A Second Collection of Poems from the Current – and Past – Middle Ages

    are both available as a free PDF download, but you can also purchase them as a real paper BOOK for less than $8 each.

    These are some of the greatest stories of the Outlands, and even if you know nothing of the Kingdom or its people, you can clearly see the glory rising off these poems like a heat-haze in the deserts of Atenveldt.

    I am already outdone before I begin!! Sneaky bards.

    *"No $#!T there I was", which is a common opening line to many SCA stories. This is much like "Once upon a Time..." so that you know you are about to hear a fairy-tale. There is usually some suspension of disbelief required for stories that start with NSTIW.

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