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    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Estrella (aka Mudstrella) War 2008 photo links

    Apparently it was quite wet and muddy at this years' Estrella War, which shall now be known as Mudstrella War.

    I have now heard numerous horror stories about losing boots to a giant sucking mud hole that literally engulfed an encampment
    overnight, slipping and falling into an unclean port-a-potty, (which could not be cleaned as the suck-trucks couldn't get down the muddy paths to service them) and trying to lug a 20 pound breakable ceramic drum from camp to camp whilst avoiding the slimy spots, and the constant falling, slipping and sliding that made fencing near impossible.

    I am glad I did not spend the money and time to go to Estrella War. My red tent is floorless, and let me tell you how much fun it would have been scraping mud off my carpets. Not.

    But then another part of me is jealous of all the fun everyone had in spite of the leaky tents, mud-soaked hems and rusted armor. Aye, I would have liked to have browsed Merchants' Row, checked out the A&S competition and listened to some bawdy bards.

    I shall have to content myself with the photos and videos that several of you are starting to post online. I shall gather videos in another post, as there are many photos to list:

    Godfrey of Atenveldt has many Estrella photo galleries on Flickr, conveniently divided into categories for your perusal. The Grand Court Gallery alone has 150 photos, so set aside some free time. Here's a cameo appearance by the Outlands' Orange Duke, too. Looking awfully pissed. Probably at mud.

    A set titled Estrella War 2008 by blindtraveller contains a nice mix of shots. Included is a photo of the nefarious mud in question, taken at such an angle that I suspect the photographer may have been slipping and falling at the time.

    A bunch of battlefield images are what cjacobs53's Estrella War 2008 gallery contains - plus a rather chilly girl in a white chemise doing some fruit-bearing. No, I'm not linking that one, you'll have to find it yourself. He has also managed to snap a photo of the rare Loch Mess Monster, who looks about ready to eat a
    poor little rubber ducky. Swim for your life, ducky!!

    More heavy fighting images have been compiled by wodeford in this Estrella XXIV 2008 set. Armor and persona of the far east seem prominent for you samurai spotters.

    A couple of smaller sets by iaincaradoc include Estrella War XXIV (2008) and A Knight in Atenveldt. Great photography technique where 'short focal length' causes the background to blur makes some of his images really pop out at you.

    These works are only what I've been able to find so far on Flickr. If you know of other Estrella photo galleries on other photo sharing sites, please send me a link and I'll include them here. Keep checking back on this post for updates!

    ***Updates Below!

    Geillis inghean Poil ui Siridein from Citadel of the Southern Pass in the Outlands wishes to share her Estrella War 2008 gallery, which contains many Outlanders, the War Wagon and an obligatory mud shot. Not much mud on this swanky couple, though. She also has a video channel on YouTube with all SCA-realted videos. None of Estrella yet, though...

    lots of nice up close battle action! Beothuk has started adding his War shots into his Flickr page, which as of this writing, contains 37,874 images. Yeah, let that number sink in a bit. Chances are good if you've gone to Estrella War, you're in there. That's like one image for every paid member of the SCA. And is THAT the coolest helmet ever or what??


    1. i was a little sad not to be going this year too...but after hearing the mud and cold stories, im kinda glad i stayed home this year! Ill enjoy the photos from my lazy boy this time around :)
      thanks for posting the links jinain!

    2. Thanks to the refer to my photos, I am glad you enjoy them and that I can share them with so many people.

    3. Hi and thanks for the reference to my photos (cjacobs53). I am glad to share my hobby with others. I went as an observer with my boys, but really enjoyed myself. I more then likely will go again, and you will see another gallery at that time.


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