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    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    The Simpsons Bayeux Tapestry Couch Scene

    After seeing the great photos from Medieval Simpsons on Wombat's World, I went on an online quest to find the video footage.

    Coincidently, I just received my beta invitation to hulu, where I can watch current online shows for free and embed them in my blog. Huzzah!

    This clip (aka "the Couch Scene") is the very end of the opening sequence of episode E. Pluribus Wiggum. As any Simpsons fan knows, after 19 seasons, still no two couch scenes are the same. And the Bayeux Tapestry translates quite well into Simpson parody, so let us savor this nod to us medieval geeks.

    Thank you, Matt Groening.

    The catch with hulu is advertising before and after the clip. Once the credits roll, hit stop and you can skip one of the two commercials. But I bet you'll be watching it again and again, like I did.

    **Yeah, I know thise video breaks the page a bit, but it can't be made smaller. Hopefully someone puts this up on YouTube and I can relink it.

    ***Update 04/02/08: Nope, nobody's put it up on YouTube yet.

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