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    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Cute WoW charms and Charity auction

    These WoW Charms are adorable! This cuuuuuute little voidwalker is just the beginning...head on over to starprints and check out the rest!

    The artist behind the cuteness is
    Shelbi Roach - aka VectorVixen, who also writes with her partner Jon on the great new WoW blog The Bronze Kettle.

    Today's post from them called "Transmogrify your Character" points out an auction she has set up on eBay, wherein you may bid for her fine services as a designer to cutetrify your personal WoW character and have it forever immortalized in cute charmy glory.

    Instead of profiting directly from the winning bid, she will be donating the entire amount to Child's Play.

    You've got 'til November 15 to bid, but the bids are already stacking up...

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