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    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Rare Free Time!

    Those of you who notice such things might have seen my location change on my Blogger profile from the Barony of Caerthe to the Barony of Caer Galen a few weeks ago.

    In 'reality,' this was a short distance of about 30 miles, but the work of moving is not yet over. After much renovation (and more to go!) on my new place, I am ready for a break. Still living out of boxes after six weeks, and the paint fumes are starting to affect me...but this time next week, I shall be basking in the warm Outlands sun at Glory X!

    Our usual Darbuka 'hill campsite' is relocating to a less windy location with more trees!

    My 'angry red tent' will be there, but in use as our kitchen, instead of living area. The new 'Moody Blue' tent is larger, to accommodate both mine and my lord's pile of SCA stuff. I am trying (seriously!) to pare down my SCA possessions, and will probably be taking a box or two of stuff to sell, so come find me if you want to see my wares.

    And now to bust out the really cool news. I applied for, and received, a beta account with Mogulus. This means I am streaming a LIVE channel of videos that you can watch any time you want!
    Anachronista is taking over the airwaves! Watch some now!

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