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    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Support our Troops - with RPG'S!

    America's extended stay in the Middle East has posed some challenges in keeping up soldier morale. What they need is a good healthy dose of escapism. What better way than with RPG's? No, not rocket-propelled grenades, role playing games!

    ZigguratCon will be the first ever gamer convention held in a war zone. It is being held June 9 from 1200 to 2100 hours at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase, is open to all allied military personnel and civilian contractors in Iraq.

    The army’s Morale Welfare & Recreation Department has allowed service members to use part of the Community Activity Center to hold the Game Day, but there are no local stores or game publishers, and few game books on the post.

    Thankfully, many game publishers have also lent their support, and have agreed to supply game products to help the Con along. aethereal FORGE, Sovereign Press, Final Redoubt Press, Goodman Games, Paizo Publishing and Steve Jackson Games are among those that have thrown in their support for the convention.

    This convention is currently in drastic need of prizes and giveaways for the troops. Everything donated will go directly to the troops, or to MWR to use as loaner books for the soldiers.

    For more information, contact SPC David Amberson at the following address: david.amberson (at)

    Donations can also be sent to SPC Amberson directly at the following address:

    SPC David Amberson
    A Co 86th Sig Bn
    APO, AE 09331

    Hey readers! This is where you come in - I'm betting you've got an old set of dice you never use anymore. Maybe even a players handbook. How about Magic Cards? Don't we ALL have those?

    If you happen to be doing some spring cleaning and come across some old gamer gear, remember you can help Support the Troops with RPG'S!

    Here's a detailed list, from another site's posting about ZigguratCon:

    Telas Says:
    April 13th, 2007


    I just emailed the SIQ (soldier in question), asking what they need, and will post here and elsewhere with the reply.

    SPC Amberson responded with the following:

    “We would love PDF versions of our favorite books. PDF copies are sometimes easier to take with you due to their portability (it’s easier to carry a laptop with a virtual library versus an actual library). We do have access to printers, as a matter of fact, I have 2 in my office right now, so printing pages is definitely not an issue.

    Maybe it would be best if I sent you a copy of the events as I have them right now. You will see a large variety of games.

    Sunday - 1200-1600
    1. GURPS - Miss Joy Brown
    2. Shadowrun - PFC John Gilbert
    3. XCrawl - SPC David Amberson
    4. Magic Tournament (Sealed Deck - If we can get the cards) - PFC Samuel
    5. Rifts - SGT Gary Decker
    6. Babylon 5 RPG - SPC Matthew Joslyn

    Sunday - 1600-1700
    1. Wind up games, prepare for next session.
    2. Drawings for FREE STUFF - SPC David Amberson & Miss Joy Brown

    Sunday - 1700-1830
    1. Dinner Break - To conform with DFAC hours
    Sunday - 1830-Finish
    1. White Wolf System - SPC Christopher Watkins
    2. Starship Troopers - SGT William Morris
    3. MechWarrior Miniatures Demo - Mr. Basram Musliu
    4. Cyberpunk 2020 - A1C Elise Morris
    5. Historic Miniatures Battles - Mr. Raymond Knapp
    7. D&D RPGA Event - SPC David Amberson

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you so much for all your help and support,


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