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    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Wolrd of Warcraft: The Addiction Continues

    The terminal disease, Chronic Warcraftitis, has sunk its oozy, sharp talons into my soul. Warcraftitis is duking it out with other virtual conditions in my life, including Second Lifeitis. So many little time.

    Today's post is to let those other WoW gamers who read my blog (and I KNOW you are there, don't try to hide) in on the new BETA coolness from The Armory. Now you can check up on your friends, guildmates, enemies, and even that hot Blood Elf you saw last night in the Inn.

    I'm going to come totally out of the closet and give you links directly to my characters. Go ahead, throw fruit at me or something. But not apples. They hurt.

    Oleandra - Undead Rogue (I eat my kills - look out!)
    Mlixia - Night Elf Rogue (Complete with red shirt)
    Callyx - Tauren Druid (A departure from pure killing, this healer has some great mooooves.)

    I'm sure I'm going to be the subject of much harassment should any of these characters venture into the PVP zones. Go ahead, bring it on - it's not like I can't just disappear and stealth away. Ok, maybe not my Druid. Go easy on her....

    What's that you say? You've never played WoW? Come on....8.5 million people can't be wrong...signup for a free 10 day trial! Joinnnn usssss....


    1. Hey there.
      Vincent (from Corvus here). Thorvald linked me to your blog.

      Yeah, love that armory. Anyway your druid hit 20! Now she can stealth away too! 8P

      Anyhow, come visit on Twisting Nether (pvp-rp) some time. "Nothing to Lose" is full of RL friends, a few of whom you know. I'm the GM (Garakha), but I'm usually on an alt if I'm on at all.

      (Sorry if this is a double post. The window was still up after I tried to post it, so I'm gonna hit send again)

    2. I just bought it tonight... Ive been playing diablo and guildwars for long enough and well I couldnt pass it up at 20 bucks for wow..

      so its the "bloodscalp" realm?
      IM trying to figure out where all the outlanders play..

      Samuel d' Grac'e


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