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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    Space Junk

    Psssst! Hey, wanna buy a used transport shuttle? Only driven on Sundays! For five decades, space junk from countless films has ended up in a junkyard in North Hollywood, CA. What lost treasures of the silver screen await, glinting in the sun like twinkling stars? Or rusting away into obscurity?

    Not the Ariel Ambulance. Not anymore. The Firefly shuttle has been found, reclaimed and is in restoration due to one fan's diligence and desire! Browncoats are nearly as obsessed as SCAdians, so I'm not surprised.

    There may come a time when the human race colonizes planets other than Earth. Unfortunately, the technology is not yet available for interstellar travel because I'd be in line for the Mars colony if it were. Then I'd start the first interplanetary SCA Barony. I'd love to be the Baroness of MARS!

    I remember hearing a filk song years ago about "Pennsic in space", where Kingdoms were fighting with ships instead of rattan swords. It warms my heart to think the SCA could get intergalacticly medieval. Can you imagine zero-g bellydancing? Cooking with a replicator for an entire feast? Spacewalk fencing?

    Maybe I should take a trip out into the junkyard myself, and start tinkering. Anyone got a spare warp drive real cheap? Mars is awfully far away after all. I'd like to be back in time for the weekend.

    1 comment:

    1. On that topic:

      Can I presume that you've read The High Crusade by Poul Anderson? Much more fun than David Weber's The Excalibur Option, in my mind.


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