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    Monday, March 12, 2007

    MySpace + D&D = UberGeek

    An unholy partnership has occurred while my back was turned. It seems that Wizards of the Coast has created a MySpace account for Dungeons and Dragons.

    I've visited a few times now to see how fast they are growing their 'friends' list (about 1d6 per day so far) and to keep an eye on the ads. It seems Wizards has cast a spell of banner ad summoning on MySpace so that only D&D related ads show up on their page. What arcane magic is this?

    Oh. Hmmm. I just tried again and there is a rather normal ad now. MySpace must have made their saving throw this time.

    Well in any case, if you are a fan of D&D and have a MySpace account, you should add yourself, if only to have it show on your pages' group list. Then everyone will know just how much of an ubergeek you are.

    Personally, I'm going to farm the photos for the ever popular "webcam shot of skinny shirtless guys with swords" images. You know, in case I need a laugh...

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