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    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Estrella War 2007 - More photos & a battle video

    Slowly but surely, hundreds of Estrella War photos are making their way onto various photo-sharing sites all across the internet. While I'm a fan of Flickr, there are other services like SmugMug where good gentles like Martin of Rivenstar have crafted fine galleries containing both battlefield images and people of the West Kingdom!

    But back to Flickr for a bit: A user named i_a_caradoc has created a fine Estrella 2007 gallery of about 40 photos, one of which is the Outlands War Drums!

    I know, you are really here for the video. I'm still waiting on the hours and hours of footage I just know was taken at War this year, what with the proliferation of cell phone cameras now.... Has my plea for the sharing of such digital masterpieces fallen on deaf ears? Or have all of you fighters just been hit in the head too many times to retain information?
    Hellooooo? Bueller? Bueller?

    Ah, a lone new video hast revealed itself to me by the glory of the 'search bar'! A YouTube user named theblackaceofspades has posted his view of some spearmen in battle. From a pretty close perspective, I might add! Do step back a bit next time!

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