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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Estrella War 2007 - Links to more photos!

    OK. Seriously. There should be so many Estrella War photo galleries online by now, that I should have my hands full keeping up with posting about them. As it currently stands, I fear this may be the last installment of Estrella photos and videos on my blog ('til next year, of course) because you were all having too much of a good time to remember to take your cameras out of your tent!

    At least the two recent sources I have managed to find are both fabulous! The first is by Esmeralda of the Lakes. Her snazzy galleries include Faces and Other Images of War, Parties (where you can see a few Gentlemen drinking from a bucket!) and Arts & Sciences (which has some amazing photos of this years' entries). She has several unfinished galleries (Fighting, Boffers and Coursing) that should be equally as wonderful, once she gets all of her photos uploaded.

    Annny time now. Not that I'm trying to rush her or anything...

    The next gallery of Estrella images comes from fellow Flickr user Beothuk, which contains 1,491 images. I repeat: 1,491 images. Fighting, fighting and more fighting! Pages 8-12 contain some 'traveling to and from the site' imagery that can be skipped in the interest of time management, but pages 13-25 return with a vengeance with images from merchants row, passersby, and you guessed it; MORE FIGHTING!

    But what about the videos?

    There would be a couple of videos from YouTube here, except that the guys who made them pasted a bunch of fighting scenes together and used some of the worst background music, which I will not expose my readers to. But in the interest of promoting all things SCA, if you'd really like to see them, click here (this song is NOT safe for kids) and here.

    Don't say you weren't warned.

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