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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Estrella War map updated with Outlands camp boundaries

    Just because I am now NOT going to Estrella War does not mean I'm going to let that topic just slide off my radar. With just over a week for all of you to finish your War projects (garb sewing, armor mending, drinking practice, etc...) you're probably feeling a bit pinched for time. Here's a friendly piece of advice: you won't finish everything in time, so stop worrying about it.

    The one thing I always hated about going to large events, is that once there, you're all ready to set up camp and start the party, but no one has bothered to mark your camp on the main map at the Troll gate. I've wasted many, many hours of my life driving around events with just my fog lights on, searching for familiar heraldry or tents that would point me towards the kindly folks who invited me to stay with them. (Read Pennsic Tales - an account of my very first event. Be warned, there is nudity.)

    Well, you knew that I would try and spare you all the shame and horror of getting 'lost' at a large event, didn't you? I'm nice like that. Here you go, a nifty updated Estrella War Map with all of the Outlands camp boundaries, courtesy of the Outlands Yahoo Group

    OK, so it's really hard to read all those little low resolution words. I know. Outlands Royal encampment is bright green (nearest the battlefield) and Darbuka is purple, and that's all you really need to know for now.

    If you somehow still get lost at the new Estrella War site, just let the soothing sounds of the WAR WAGON guide you home! Everyone have a great, happy, safe and wonderful time!

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