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    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Yet another SCA documentary!!

    Well, there has apparently been a great surge of interest in the SCA lately, as the many, many videos that can now be found online attest. Or maybe it's that all of us medievalists are finally breaking down and learning to use new technology.

    This movie does a pretty good job of promoting the SCA 'in a nutshell'. And I love the archer graphic during the ending credits.

    The only thing that's stopping me from making my own movies like this is a video editing program. All the movies I've shot and posted here have been the raw files directly from my digital camera. If any of you can suggest a 'not expensive' 'not complicated' program that will run on a Windows 2000 OS
    (without hogging all the processing power) please let me know. Then, I too can make an SCA documentary!!

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