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    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Sting's Lute Album - Songs from the Labyrinth

    Within the first few years of joining the SCA, I found myself in the company of friends who had both interest in, and talent for, singing 'period' music. They convinced me that I should sing again ( after experiencing crippling stage fright a few years earlier ) and the rest is history. I would not be singing today if not for them.

    Most of the music we chose to perform had some...uh....bawdy connotations. Which of course made them fun to sing and appreciated around a campfire. One of those songs was 'Come again' by John Dowland.

    I haven't heard that song in around 10 years. In this video, Sting is performing it on the Today Show.

    I think he may have changed it a bit, but the thought that he has just released an album of 16th century lute music makes me pretty happy indeed.

    Check out the very informative reviews and listen to song samples at Amazon:

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    1. Thanks for the firefly links. I loved that show - too bad SciFi channel didn't pick it up when it was dying - to keep new episodes in the works.

      Always enjoy your blog!



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