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    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Battlestar Galactica starts tonight!

    Well, I survived the season premiere of South Park that included much mockery of the World of Warcraft online game. It is somehow disturbing to me that not a single joke went over my head. I guess that means I am a hardcore gamer. But I have a life!! Really!!

    Tonight, however, is a premiere of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

    (ooOooh, I wish this was an audioblog. I would have done that with a deep voice and some reverb...)

    ahem...Battlestar Galactica! I am in love with this show. It's quite literally the best series on TV. The SciFi channel is being reeeeaaally good to their fans, and have released a bunch of short 'webisodes' to both appease the fans and generate buzz for those yet unconverted.

    Looks like Season 3 is going to ROCK! W
    arning: this link has spoilers!

    Less than 2 hours to go....

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