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    Friday, April 21, 2006

    Disposable income

    Where is the time going? It's almost summer! Event season is almost here. Looks like only an act of God will allow me to get to Grand Outlandish this year. I may as well just plan for Crossroads instead.

    It's all about the income. Or lack thereof. Especially when the 'experts' are predicting that the price of gas will be $3 a gallon at least over Memorial Day weekend. Seeing as how my poor old event van gets only 17 miles to the gallon, do the math. It's too depressing for me.

    Long gone are the days when I could use my disposable income to fund my SCA life. Now it's the choice between event money or groceries. I really need a job that pays more than $12 an hour.

    Sigh. You know you have too much disposable income when you trick out your car with oriental carpet mats. Personally, I would if I could...

    By the way, if you haven't visited my MySpace profile lately, I added a slide show of Estrella War photos.

    Also of note on MySpace is the SCA group I started waaaay back when MySpace was just a teeny blip on the radar screen instead of the social networking behemoth it is today. More than 2000 SCA'ers have joined the group and are, for the most part, behaving themselves. Knock on wood.

    In other news, I've just gotten Sid Meier's Pirates for PC, and it looks like it will suck away many, many hours of my precious time.

    At least I'll be able to pretend I'm accumulating disposable income by looting ships and plundering ports.

    Arrr, mateys!

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