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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Headlines of late....

    Having started a new job last week, I'm not having as much time to blog. I hate having to resort to link dumping, but here's a few interesting things I've found online recently.

    Click on any of the headlines to go to the full article.

    Tower of London Locks Up Legendary Ravens
    Feb. 22, 2006— The Tower of London locked up its famous ravens on Monday to protect them from the threat of bird flu, with legend having it that the tower and the kingdom will fall if the ravens go.

    Forensic experts claim to have proved a bust and a death mask are the exact likeness of William Shakespeare.

    Feb. 23, 2006 - Scientists in Germany scanned the sculptures using computerised imaging techniques to show that they match up with portraits of the Bard.

    Villagers claim church fresco is lost Michelangelo
    Feb. 23, 2006 - Parishioner's confession leads to discovery of monogram behind altar

    Older news:

    Lady of Wells reveals her secrets
    Feb. 6, 2006 - A mysterious medieval wall painting found beneath the floor of the Bishop of Bath and Wells' bedroom has given up its secrets. The painting, which shows a partly-clad woman wearing a transparent dress, dates from between 1460 and 1470.

    Delight at Caravaggio discovery
    Jan. 25, 2006 - Art historians have spoken of their shock and delight after two paintings discovered in a French church were found to be by old master Caravaggio.

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