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    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Trading Cards: Geeky or Cool?

    Trading Cards: Geeky or Cool? Cool when you can put your OWN photo and art in them, but pretty geeky if you are a 'collector' and keep them in pristine plastic sleeves and never play with them.

    I know some people that have more than 10 binders FULL of Magic cards. I never really got into that game much, but the art was cool. Maybe I'm too much of a 'dice-roller' gamer for Magic.

    But I do have a few small stacks of comic book art trading cards that I'm certain will eventually get sold when I'm sick of lugging them around from place to place. Thankfully, that collection never reached the obsession level of action figures. Of which I still own around 50...speaking of geeky.

    I think I'll use this handy Flickr Toy Page to create more cards like these (see photo) of my friends. That's MUCH cooler than going out and buying cards to make Wizards of the Coast rich. Because I'll be using my IMAGINATION.

    Oh, TSR, how I long for the days when games had to be made up in our heads. When stats were all contained on one huge, double sided character sheet, written with the tiniest print possible, to cram as much as you could onto the page. When lead figurines ruled. When GM's spent hours, nay...DAYS making maps and puzzles and dioramas for their campaigns. Where is the devotion like this in card games??

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