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    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Browncoat Radio

    I love internet radio. It has saved me on many a night, whilst typing furiously away, attempting to reach a deadline or finish a project before dawn.

    Imagine my delight to find BrownCoat Radio! It's about gorram time.

    I've been listening for about three hours now, and there have been no repeats, and I have just sung along with "The Hero of Canton!" (words on this post). There's asian, western and world music, and songs from the series and movie.

    The broadcaster, who calls himself Mr. Universe, has written a bit about his station on

    My lifestyle is very much like that of Serenity's captain and crew. My family and I travel fulltime across the USA in a self contained bus. Tough we are not thieves, we often find ourselves having that "us and them" feeling when dealing with people who just don't get the gypsy lifestyle. This radio station truly is "a signal" as we are broadcasting off the grid via wireless and satellite technology. No landline involved. Enjoy!

    Mr. Universe, if you are listening, please come to Colorado!! We should have a foot-stompin' Blue Sun drinkin' DVD watchin' shindig!! I'm sure the MileHigh Browncoats would love to have another reason to get together!

    Hell, I'd even brew up some moonshine...


    1. I watched Serenity with Commentary last night.

    2. I think the Browncoat Radio link above is a bad one....


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