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    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Crossed anachronisms

    Earlier this evening I went to Unser Hafen Baronial Yule, a small and cozy event that the Queen herself attended. The food was great, court was punctuated by fabulous musical interludes and a Darbukan Dame getting Stagged.

    Then, I received a present that I had asked for. Deadwood season one and two. I was instantly stretched between the medieval and the old west. I wanted to leave and go home and watch them immediately. But I wanted to stay and dance, eat and see great friends. I chose to stay and watch them tomorrow. But it was a close struggle.

    The event wound down, and we adjourned to a local residence for the obligatory post revel. But I had planned ahead and brought a swimsuit for the hot tub. Ahhh, modern technology. As we were socializing and the tub was getting ready, a bunch of us ended up discussing Firefly and Serenity gossip and opinions.

    One was that Shepherd Book's story was told in Serenity: He used to be an assassin as well. Ok, I can go with that. Another was that Alan Tudyk asked to be killed off in Serenity because he has cancer in real life? I was concerned enough about this one to look it up online, but I can find no evidence to support this one.

    Another rumor is that a local SCA'er has apparently found documentation for the Jayne Hat, which would mean it is period and I can wear mine at events. How's that for crossover? Now I completely feel like I'm living in the wrong time.

    As I basked in the 103 degree water, I saw a shooting star, and wondered if 500 years from now, someone will be reenacting us...and will it take place aboard ships like Serenity?

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