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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    The Epic Wedding of Donovan and Kat

    What's not to like about weddings? You get to see all your friends, eat great food, drink for free and basically party down for an awesome reason.

    There were a few displaced Outlanders that traveled from both coasts to be here, and it was good to meet the new friends as well. Kat, if you are reading this: you were right about Chris. What is it about men from Chicago anyway? Are they all completely hot?

    The madness started on the previous thursday, with the bachelor and bachelorette parties, neither of which I attended, due to a cold. Apparently it was crazy, and some who showed up at the wedding still bore the after-effects after two days. Lots of vodka will do that to you.

    Being that the guest list was heavy on the SCA folk, I decided it would be OK if I just wore garb. Also because I realized that I do not own any kind of formal dress. But it was good that I took three outfits. I always overpack.

    Well, on to the pictures as promised....

    UPDATE: Russ Dale's photos from the wedding

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