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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Newcomers in Unser Hafen this weekend

    Do you remember your first event? Boy, I sure do. This photo is of Estrella XIX (2003) though, not Pennsic. I'm thinking about going back to Estrella this year. I've missed a couple years in a row now.

    Anyway, planning only a few days ahead now...I'm going to go up to Newcomers in Unser Hafen this weekend to see how we're attracting fresh people to the SCA. I can't really compete in any of the tourneys, but it will be fun to bust out my Outlands Map for display. And fence. And eat. Let's not forget the eating!

    I'm thinking I'll bring the's SCA Bingo cards I printed out for Crown Tournament, but couldn't use because of the wind. We just won't make the newbies play. There's too many inside jokes.

    1 comment:

    1. Well met m'Lady. Did thoust journy to thine events thusly spoken? Give us a tale of your encounters.


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