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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Ground Zero Reunion Oct 28th/Birthday plans

    October 28th (which coincidently happens to be my birthday), is supposed to be a Ground Zero Reunion at Rock Island in Denver.

    Anyone who lived in or hung out in Boulder Colorado about ten years ago would remember Ground Zero. It was the ONLY cool club Boulder ever had.

    I have mourned its passing for years.

    I really should go to this. If I end up staying in Colorado for my birthday, that is.

    I had a great plan that I would fly to Houston and road trip from there with Ian and a couple of other people to New Orleans, to catch some cemetery tours, find some voodoo stores, dig up the local vampire culture.... all part of a spooky Halloween plan. After following the coastline of a part of this country I've never gotten to see.

    Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is off the list now. I'm kind of nervous about swamps anyway. Especially ones with real dead bodies floating in them.

    Then I thought hey, since Hurricane Rita left Houston pretty much untouched, I'll just stay in that area. There's the Texas Renaissance Festival and apparently a scale replica of the Forbidden Gardens somewhere nearby.

    Anyone know of anything else cool and historical nearby? Any Civil War stuff?


    1. POGOS! GROUND ZERO! I went a lot in high school...when I was 16. Good times. I hate 80's music. Too bad I said I would never go to Rock Island...and still never have been...

    2. I don't know about Houston atm. If I were you I'd make a few good calls out there to see if what you want to do is happening. THnk about the collateral damage...IE peeps who are there because they can't go home, or peeps who are there helping out..etc. May be hard to get a hotel. gas, rental cars, and what not.

      As for B-days...mine is the 15th of OCT. I am gona try to see Maston Jones in Denver at the Gothic.

    3. Ok...for some reason it posted it a anonymous. And MJ is the 14th not the 15th


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