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    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    Barons War with a little Gold and Green on the side

    After the SIX hour drive ( which normally takes about three and a half ) I arrived at 6 pm on Friday, with plenty of time to set up my tent. If you've ever seen me at an SCA event, you know about 'the red tent'.

    This being the last camping event for me this year, as I set her up, I started to remember some of the fine, funny and freaky things that have happened in this tent.

    No, I shall not go into detail, sorry. Those that were there, were there, and those that weren't, too bad. Let's just say I waxed nostalgic.

    Anyway, I camped with Caer Galen, about as far from the rest of the event site as you can get. I got my exercise all weekend, walking up the hill to the store/restrooms/showers and the list field/merchants row area. The event being at 9000 feet elevation made this somewhat of a challenge, but I'm also 15 pounds underweight right now, so everything makes me tired.

    A couple of other friends from Unser Hafen showed up, so we decided we would annex a small part of Caer Galen's land for our own. They didn't seem to mind, as we were in the 'nylon ghetto' section.

    Friday night's rapier tournament was really fun, being a 'light saber tourney'. Reminded me of the glow stick madness from Rogue Camp. I missed getting into the list because I was helping some new arrivals set up their tent in the dark, but I arrived in time to see the battles. Now, these weren't the light sabers that cost $120, that make their own sound effects. They were glow sticks taped to epees, so each fencer had to make their own sounds. Zhoom. Zhoooooom. Kishhhh! Very dramatic, and lots of Vaderish breathing from the Sith Lords. Darth Thomas won, if you are wondering. Huzzah to the Dark Side!

    That evening saw myself and the two Unser Hafen friends wandering around looking for something to do. I had just been bemoaning the fact that no one from Darbuka ever shows up [because this event falls the weekend right after Rogue Camp, and we're still all very tired] so there is never any drumming. Lo and behold, we hear a rhythm. We investigate.

    We find two guys and a dancer in their camp, around a fire. After a bit of conversation, we get passed drums and a wooden frog to join in with. Oh, and there was a fine twanky coke can being played as well. So if you heard drumming at Barons War friday night, that was us.

    Next day's fencing melee's were just too much for me to handle, as I discovered that being tired, underweight and at 9000 feet will do incredibly mean things to you if you also happen to have drank a couple of beers and a shot of BarenJager the night before. It was just pickups for me, and I got wiped out fast. The rest of the day was spent eating, socializing, and perusing merchant row.

    So here's where I'm going to get a little opinionated. Did we really need four different booths selling boffer weapons? Out of what, eight or nine merchants? I certainly hope all you merchants did well at this event, but I can't see how you possibly could have. Sorry, but last years' selection of merchants was much better. Not that I have any money to buy anything right now, though, so it's moot.

    The new Baroness of Terra Insubstantia is Kerridwen, and I'm rather sad that I missed the fighting. I would have liked to have seen that. Now she carries her own Barony with her for the next year, and all who come within 10 feet of her are within her lands. Scary, huh? The years that Don Dio managed to obtain this award, his land size was cut down to just a one foot radius, lest he hold too much power.

    Saturday night's court was great, but I'm not going to list awards and such because there was much funnier stuff going on. Like Lord Charismos in a tiny little dancing boy outfit. With red undies. Apparently there was some sort of bet or something, I don't know. The royals had fun ordering him around.

    After court I found myself at Darkspire, where there was a wedding celebration for a new couple in Dragonsspine, complete with free food. And bawdy bardic. And playing with fire. I sang "Gold and Green", for the first time in years. That was fun.

    Well, Saturday night was a long night of wandering around and socializing, but I made sure not to drink too much, as I knew there would be nothing like a hangover while I'm packing to leave.

    Anyway, for those of you who asked for it, I'm publishing the words to Gold and Green here. I expect you all to know the words by next Baron's War. There will be a test.

    The banners we fly of Gold and Green,
    are woven deep onto my heart.
    Along with the battles, along with the tears,
    the laughter, the songs and art.
    Any ground I'm asked to defend for the stag,
    I'll hold with all of my might.
    We'll redden the fields with the blood of our foes,
    When the Outlandish army unites.

    Strong is the hold of the Outlands,
    on my heart and on the field.
    Strong is the hold of the Outlands,
    when we line up our sword and our shields.

    In camp when the battle is done for the day,
    our bards tell victory tales.
    In firelight red we dance until dawn,
    with our cups full of Outlandish Ale.
    Embroidered upon my soul is a stag,
    grows stronger with each passing Reign.
    Wherever my travels do take me,
    in the Outlands my heart will remain.

    Strong is the hold of the Outlands,

    on my heart and on the field.
    Strong is the hold of the Outlands,
    when we line up our sword and our shields.

    Strong is the hold of the Outlands,
    in my heart and in the Dream.
    Loud is the cry of the Outlands,
    long live the Gold and the Green.

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    1. M'Lady, I was supposed to attend this very event and you make me sorry that I did not. Mundanity being what it is, I had insufficient food for my dragon. I found the SCA in 1990 although I've been basically retired from the SCA for at least 5 years now. I still keep in touch with my friends Don Max, Don Dio, Don Ragno, Dona Bianca, Don Christophe, Don Triffin, and Don Talen when I can. Looking at that list, it's pretty clear I was a fencer isn't it? *Chuckle* Most of them weren't yet White Scarves in those days. My lineage is as follows: Don Ian beget Don Max, Don Max beget Don Christophe and Don Christophe beget me. I'm not sure why I told you all of that except that reading your blog brought back warm memories. In the SCA I was known as Corwyn Silverthorne although my registered name was Lord Robert Corwyn Silverthorne. I'm going to have to dig up some old photos and do a blog entry on my SCA days and some of the many storys. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I found your blog via BlogMap.



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