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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Timesuck site alert! Paperdolls!

    I must admit that I played with paperdolls when I was young. I'll tell you, the internet has added a few twists to this fun pastime.

    Check out, where you can dress, redress and undress none other than Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Lots of other celebrities are 'dollified', but you'll have to go find those for yourself. I'm still putting Johnny Depp in tight pants.

    Oh, hey, they even have a History of Fashion page. Even if they do spell some things wrong, at least they've made the effort.

    Well, here's another great site with what looks like hand-drawn characters. Boy, somebody sure is making those boy dolls uh....happy. Too bad they didn't draw Johnny Depp from that first site. Yeah. Anyway...

    Looks like you can either order these as prints, or select 'dress me' and see how they look first. Check out Alexander the Great, Hadrian,and Leonardo da Vinci. Very nice artwork!

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