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    Thursday, March 17, 2005

    My SCA group on MySpace

    I had some friends who convinced me last year to put a profile on, so that we could all email each other, put up funny pictures, and meet other people who liked the same things we liked.

    Well, I created a group for SCA people to gather and converse in, and it has grown to 300 people as of today. Pretty cool. People have used it to do garb research, get rides to events, discuss techniques and even poke fun at the silly stuff.

    I am very impressed with the behavior of all the members. They have all been kind, chivalrous and helpful. I know that some chat rooms and groups have had trolls, flamers and people who just generally want to stir stuff up, and I'm grateful that I haven't had to ban one single person from posting.

    Of course, now that I've said that, Murphy's Law will kick in anytime....

    Anyway, sign up on It's free, a gigantic time suck, and the people are cool!

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    1. DOH! I wrote this essay a little over a week ago ... ...


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