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    Thursday, March 31, 2005

    I should have stuck with witchcraft

    So when I was a wee lass of oh, say 15, I was fascinated by the occult.

    I had tarot cards, pendulums, runes and even a Ouija board to help me unravel the mysteries of the metaphysical universe.

    I fell off the wagon around age 25 and became agnostic (thanks, J). I'm thinking now that I should have stuck with the witchcraft. Then I could counter the huge freaking CURSE that has been sticking to me like glue for the last couple of years.

    I'm not going to bitch about all (okay, most) of the bad things that have happened lately, because if I remember anything from my 'darker' days it is that if you feed something, you give it life.

    After a conversation today with my Don (the guy who broke his leg skiing) I came to the conclusion that it might not be ME. It might be my JOB.

    Now, I have a great deal of respect for entrepreneurs. IF they are ethical and honest. Being an ethical and honest businessperson myself, I made it abundantly clear during my interview here, that I would not stand for certain practices. I was flat-out LIED to. Two and a half years later, here I am, having bitten my tongue on more occasions than I can possibly count, and I have just been served my lay off notice.

    I saw it coming. This place has so much negative energy stuck to it that it's frightening. I'm honestly HAPPY to know that after the end of April, that I do not EVER have to set foot in this dysfunctional place again.
    Funny that the boss thinks he's completely in 'the right' all the time. I've gotten hundreds of calls and letters that say otherwise. And all these people are directing negative energy at him and his business.

    Now, about that witchcraft. Should I take revenge on the boss? No, that would be bad karma. But I WILL set up an altar in my office for the remaining time I have left here. Black candles, sage, crystals, the whole nine yards. I'll even bust out the Feng Shui and run a strip of red tape all the way around my door frame. That ought to make the receptionist and accountant happy! They hate me anyway, might as well think I'm a total freak. That will give them much more to gossip about.

    With my altar, I will prevent this curse from having any further effect on me. I will leave here knowing that I don't have to stuff my morals in a little box anymore. I will leave and never look back. Unless I choose to mock this place in a future blog entry, that is.

    Hmmm, I should make a photocopy of "The Tower" from my old tarot deck and tape it to the window to speed up the process of destruction.


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