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    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Winter Oasis Approaches...

    Dust off your dumbek. Untangle your turbans. Gather up your ghawazees...

    Get ready for Winter Oasis on January 29th. Even if you've never done the 'middle eastern' persona, you can just throw on a long t-tunic and belt it with a scarf. Add some kohl around your eyes. Sit on pillows and feast upon the glorious buffet that awaits you...

    We in the Outlands sure know how to bust out the awesome props when it comes to events like this. Of course, we have some of the very best musicians in the entire Known World, and I am not just saying that because I'm living with one. If you'd like to experience musicians, drummers and singers making GOOD middle eastern music, make sure you attend this event.

    Makes some of those 'other' drum circles seem downright lame by comparison. But then, you may turn into a drum snob like me. Hmm...speaking of drums, we should all take a look at this cartoon about dumbek players.

    Oh, yes, the Sultan and Sultana of the Outlands, Ibrahim and Ileana, will be there as well. Lets all make a good show for them, shall we?

    One more thing: no drinky-drinky-bangy-bangy, ok?

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