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    Monday, January 31, 2005

    Auction results!

    A little background story: I don't get up early in the morning unless the house is on fire. However, I was out the door and on the way to Winter Oasis at 9am last Saturday. Pretty impressive for a lazy bed warmer like me.

    Anyway, upon arrival and check in at the troll, I discovered that there were a couple of tables set up for me and a few items for the auction had already been dropped off. So I got changed into the quick garb, and went out to the tables to start processing the donations. More tables had to be found. More bid sheets had to be copied. I'm just glad I remembered to bring pencils...

    The bidding started out a little slow, but I knew that we had all day to work it. There were items coming in all day, even as late as 4pm, for a total of 75 donations. I had the herald announce during court that the auction would end 15 minutes after court was over, and then the mad rush started. I'm super glad I had a couple of friends to help, because the tables were mobbed with late bidders trying to win their favorite item.

    It was fun to watch the bidding wars, and know that every time someone put down an additional dollar or two, someone else would come along and bid up again. Knowing that it all went to a worthy cause, I didn't feel guilty at all!

    Though I did not get to attend any of the classes, or see much of the performances, I could hear the music and I got to speak with pretty much everyone there. A small trade of my time to help a friend.

    In the end, we raised $1978.50 for Don Talan Andolini! I was able to deliver the donations, cards and gifts to him yesterday and he was very, very grateful that we all love him so much.

    Although I did not win any of the items I bid on, I came home richer in heart.


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